I'm Val.
I play good music.
People smile and dance.
We all feel better.


My Lil' Story

After 50 outlandish years of exploring Earth in this pretty sweet skinsuit, my Yoda-like guides told me I am supposed to start teaching fellow skinsuit users some cool stuff that I learned on my crazy-ass journey as a:

  • globe-trotting DJ

  • psycho-supa-mama

  • pretty good entrepreneur

  • recovering people-pleaser

  • non-profit founder & CEO

  • playful possibilitarian

  • charterboat captain

  • meditation geek

Image by Reno Laithienne

"Do or do not. There is no try"

Master Yoda


So I Said Yes

(You Can't Say No To Yoda-Like Guides)

I wasn't really sure what the hell to DO so I spent a ton (a shit-ton) of $$$ loot on courses, coaches, and therapies about how not to suck at "skinsuit life". 

I played music.

I lost my marbles.

I found them.

I lost them again. 

I still can't find a few. 

I played music. 

I prayed. 

I meditated. 

I made art.

I made babies.

I made $.

I lost $.

I played music. 

I ate.

I drank. 

I divorced. 

I relapsed. 

I orgied.

I almost died.

I played music. 

I hurt.

I healed.

I hurt others.

We're still healing.

I played music. 

I felt powerful and brilliant. 

I felt ashamed and stupid. 

I felt happy and hopeful.

I felt lost and demolished. 

I felt alone. 

I felt loved. 

I played music. 

It was awesome.

It sucked.

It was all of the above.

I played music. 


Then I Got a Puppy

Her Name is Angel

She is the coolest dog in all the Universes. 

For Reals. 


Then........ I really got my shit together.


Soul Dojo

Design Your Awesome Life Code With Cool People

So after flailing around like a frazzled flounder on the parched Playa at Burningman, I busted ass and created fun, interactive events, courses, and a "Soul-Dojo" support community where Spiritually-Dehydrated humans design awesome lives and playfully hold each other accountable.

But it's NOT for everyone. 

(keep reading below)


Top 5 Reasons NOT To Work With Me

(if this applies to you - save us both time - swipe left sweetie)

#1 You Think Money Is Evil

Money is Energy. It's better to have a lot than a little. If you think it's noble being broke...swipe left.

#2 Woo-Woo Scares You

If talk of angels, guides, sex, psychedelics, peace, love, and granola make you cringe...swipe left.

#3 You're Allergic to Hard-Work 

If you think you can close your eyes and magically just "attract" the life of your dreams...swipe left.

#4 Cursing and Sarcasm Offend You

I curse. A lot. If the F-Bomb burns your delicate butterfly-wing ears...swipe left.

#5 You Like Your Life The Way It Is

Good for you! Maybe I can interview you for the podcast. Email Me.

#5+ BONUS Reason -You Don't Like Music

Just Swipe Left. Now.


Did I Scare You Off Yet? 

If not- cool. Very cool. 

So what do you do now you ask? 

Take one of my badass courses. 

Change your life. 

Eat some popcorn.