Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

Happy 80th Birthday Mom 2-11-22

Wow! You made it Mom! Whooohoo!

When you were 16 did you ever imagine what it will be like to be 80 years old?

How was the journey of all the ups and downs, ins and outs, and round and round and rounds?

This morning I asked you if you could paint one life message on a billboard what would it be:


I LOVE that Mom.

Your life has been beautifully stitched with all the colors of the rainbow and woven with joy, love and laughter.

You have also had many unexpected life-shattering events yet you still seem to walk through life with a sparkle in your smile.

You have taught me the power of gratitude and counting my blessings and it has made me a more fulfilled and happier woman.

You have taught me the power of live and let live.

You have shown me how to be resilient in the face of uncertainty.

You inspire me to be independent and brave

You have taught me that a Mother’s love never fades.

You have loved me every day I have been alive like no one else in the world.

You have blessed me with the gift of life.

Thank you Mom.

You are the blessing I count each and every day with a sparkle in my heart.

My wish for you is to feel pure love, ease, grace, and joy today and always.

You deserve it.

Happy 80th Birthday Mom.

I Love You Always and All Ways