I'm Wasting Away Here....Or Am I Doing This Instead?

Long winter days

Gazing at pristine white hillside



Exhale deep gratitude

Sacred body at ease


Cue needle scratching record

“You are wasting away here Valerie.

Get a life.”

My inner Judge Judy thinks she will motivate me by criticizing me and expressing outrage at my lack of “productivity” per her Herculean standards.

That shit doesn't work with me any more.

However, she is right.

I am wasting away here.

The old me is wasting away.

Taking time in the season of winter to rest and release.

All the leaves and flowers have fallen and are buried under a layer of frozen water.

The core essence of my heart, my being, of me, is gently resting too.




A tulip bulb rests patiently under the snow

No anxiety

No doubt