What You DESIRE... Desires YOU!

Have you ever started to make a list of what you want in your life and stopped because you thought:

“Who am I to ask for this?”

“I don’t deserve this”

“I am not good enough to have this”

Etc, etc, etc.

Well……. Fuck that.

You are only here for a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of time and you are HERE NOW to rock the shit out of this gift called LIFE.

Ask for EXACTLY what you desire.

Imagine all the dreams, desires, wishes, goals etc just sitting on the other side of the veil of illusion and they are waiting for YOU to call them into your life.

Imagine they are like little kindergarten children waiting for the teacher to call on them to have a turn to express themselves.

Imagine YOU are the only one that can activate and allow them to come to LIFE.

YOU must BELIEVE that they are REAL and it is POSSIBLE for YOU to activate and manifest your DESIRES.

They want YOU just as much as YOU want them!

Just as Michelangelo said:

“I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free”

Your DESIRES are in the marble and it is YOUR Divine Duty to sculpt your life into a magical mystical masterpiece and set your desires FREE!


Dream and Desire BIG baby!

You are WORTH it and you only have a blink of an eye on this sacred planet Earth…..

Make it EPIC!