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Epic Services



DJ Valerie the Vibe Goddess

High-Vibe sassy sexy grooves all the way to deep immersive meditations are DJ Valerie's secret sauce to keep your dance floor happy and wanting more. Expect the unexpected my friend.


Interactive Speaker / MC

How many snorefests have you suffered through at conferences and trainings? Oh hell no honey. DJ Valerie will keep your guests vibrant and tuned in - not dropped out at your special events.



Retreat Facilitator

Bring Valerie's playful and skillful facilitation to your transformational creative retreats and life-changing immersive experiences. Custom creative solutions for your treasured guests gives a powerful lifelong impact.


11x Meditation Teacher

DJ Valerie developed the 11x Holistic Meditation practice over the past 7 years to help clients become and maintain authentic versions of themselves in all 11 areas of life.  Ommm Baby!


Creative Collaborations

Remember "You got your chocolate in my peanut butter" and what a magical outcome that was? DJ Valerie LOVES remixing ideas, business, art, music, tech with innovators and change-makers.

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