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Bitcoin, Productivity & The Restless Soul

Rainbow Love Warrior
Love Warrior made by @midjourney

If you’re like me, you have a relentless fire burning in your heart, fueling you to build your life and the world into a better place.

Not only better but exponentially better.

You’re a visionary who sees through the bullshit and lies of how the world is manipulated today so that only the few puppeteers can profit while the puppets cluelessly prance around led by the golden strings of bondage.

“You can fool some people some time but but you can’t fool all the people all the time” - Bob Marley

You know and see a superior way.

A world where all of life co-thrives in harmony.

A world where caring hearts are favored over hearts shredded with bombs.

A world where all the dreamers have access to the same chance to thrive.

A life of inner peace, prosperity, & fulfillment of your soul mission.

A life of ease and grace with hi-vibe love in your space.

A life of hope, purpose and making a difference with your divine gifts

A community based on dignity, honor, respect, love, truth, and sovereignty.

A community that practices growth, service, excellence & generosity.

A community that has your back no matter what.

You see the path forward and the pot of Bitcoin at the end of the rainbow.

You know the race is on and the bad guys have the lead.

You feel like the giant boulder from Indiana Jones is chasing you toward death and your soul is called to be a messenger to tell others to beware of the danger and get to safety.

Your heart yearns to experience inspiration and divinity with your family and community.

You have studied and practiced hundreds of personal growth methods and power tools to get you to this moment in time my dear warrior soul.

You know the only moment is here and now - (thanks Ram Dass).

However, the impending doom boulder is catching up to you leaving a disaster zone in its wake.

But waiiiiiiit just a minute.

Who gave you the responsibility of being the messenger?

Why not just live and let live?

It’s none of your business sunshine.

Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and just worry about yourself.


The truth is, it is your business and you know it.

It’s your business because you believe in science, math, & mystery.

It’s your business because you have experienced first-hand through psychedelics, love, orgasms, dreams, Bitcoin, birth, death, prayer, meditation, & sacred journeys, failures, successes, and beyond that we are ALL divinely interconnected throughout all space and time throughout all of the universes with infinity unfolding on itself into an infinite number of universes.

You understand that all life is one.

You understand that “God” is all life.

You understand that all of life is inextricably interconnected always and all ways.

Always and All Ways and Always and All Ways and Always and All Ways……..

There is no separation between you, me, they, them, that, those, or it.

It boggles your mind daily.

You hate to see suffering because it is also your suffering too.

You think you are never doing enough because there is always more to do.

You battle with the practice of being here now, bathing in the flow of the river of life vs strategizing, planning, creating, producing, comparing, measuring but it’s never enough to get rid of that mother fucking boulder.

You have a gnawing sense of internal discomfort because you can see and feel the beautiful dream of humanity and all life, filling up your heart yet it is not here in “reality”.

Not yet.

The wishful vision of the return to “Eden”.

Earth provides supreme abundance for all life to thrive.

For survival, humans have arranged themselves to be followers of authority figures in order to be safe in the protection of the tribe.

They unify as a little organism as a microcosm of how the world works.

Builders. Protectors. Nurturers. Destroyers.

2 big differences between humans and most of the rest of life is that humans take more than they need because of a broken consumption model and because of changing yearly and macro-climate patterns.

Humans are not necessarily designed to live in cold climates all year round because there is not enough food grown during the cold months. (and it’s frickin’ cold!)

Because of our fabulous minds and skills, we have designed ways to grow, harvest, forage and store food that lasts for months and years.

We have designed ways to stay warm during colder months.

This allows for diversity and freedom in where humans can live across the planet.

It allows for big cabinets and freezers stuffed with a glorious bounty of food.

Unfortunately it is not necessarily the type of food that nourishes your body and mind and it’s causing obesity, lethargy, and dis-ease.

But we eat it anyway because it is fast, easy, cheap, and tastes good- “The Distorted Modern Values” of first world nations.

Bitcoin has taught me more in the past 15 months about the value of long-term thinking and consumption than any degree, title, or institution had in the previous 50 years.

But how do you elegantly marry the long-term patience mindset with the reality of the shit that still needs to get done now and still remain in a state of grace, flow and ease?

One breath at a time honey.

One of my goals as a DJ and teacher is to empower my clients & students with a treasure chest of power tools, kinda like a Home Depot for your soul, that helps them craft a daily practice to stay connected to their inner LOVE Warrior.

Nobody has all the answers or the right ”way” to live a happy, meaningful life.

If you meet anyone who claims to have the secret - run the other way.

Living your unique version of a joyful, meaningful life requires you to deeply know yourself and what makes you light up and what makes you cringe like you just saw the clown from “IT”.

I call this fabulous lifelong self-inquiry getting your “MEhD”.

I realized how I slowly compromised my soul and mission along the path of being a “dutiful is beautiful” wifey and mom, and it nearly killed me.


I learned that I needed to know myself more deeply and set healthy boundaries around anything that wasn’t in alignment with my divine mission.

I learned that staying connected to “God” is the most important thing I can do on a daily, hourly, and moment by moment basis.

I could never say the “G”-word without my body contracting until 6 years ago but now it is music to my ears and soul.

I learned it doesn’t matter what letters you use to connect with the divine, that’s a personal choice, but choose something and speak it often.

But I do know that everyone I know who has a daily devotional practice with their “God” is WAY happier, at ease, and on purpose.

So, how the heck does all this fit in with Bitcoin, Productivity, & the Restless Soul you ask?

These 3 converge at the intersection of being here now and surfing the wave of action and uncertainty inside the network of never ending unquenchable desire to expand and grow - like tik tok next block.

“You're sick of hangin' around and you'd like to travel

Get tired of travelin', you want to settle down” - The Grateful Dead

Why does this matter as Bitcoiners?

As you know, we are at war with the old way of living and in order to stay the course and create a new path for our children and their children, we must remain strong and fortify our inner Bitcoin warrior spirit.

Remember, a focused and centered Jedi can use the force for good but a Jedi who allows the dark side to overtake his attention can turn into a force of evil.

So we must remain attentive to the truth, to the light, and to hope.

We must guard the temple of our mind and train it to be a servant not a master.

We must nourish our heart with daily care, inspiration, and wonder.

We must unite and connect with like-hearted, mission-driven Bitcoiners to weave an invisible web of support and love because we will need it going forward on this quest for an exponentially better world.

Remember, the crusty old powers that be want us numb, dumb, sick, scared, broke, angry, lonely, horny, and tired so they can manipulate and control us as they steal our wealth and life energy like vampires.

F that.

You have the power within you at this EXACT moment to say “no more” and make a change.

As a visionary and warrior you know you need the inspiration of what is yearning to be built along with the action that creates it.

Call upon us, your fellow warriors, for support and guidance on the journey to a new life.

Show up and offer support for your fellow Bitcoiners when you are feeling solid and overflowing.

It’s all about give and receive because even though you are a badass, you will have moments when you need your tribe to have your back.

So will they.

3 words that saved my life:

“I need help”

No shame in asking even though your ego will tell you differently.

You are not supposed to always have it together.

You are not supposed to be able to handle everything by yourself.

We are communal creatures, us humans, and we are designed to thrive in community not isolation.

The rickety old powers that be, experimented on us with lock downs and now that we know how detrimental it is to be separated, we won’t let that happen again.

“Won’t get fooled again” - The Who

We must fortify our daily inner peace & power practice and allow the presence of love in our hearts as we sharpen our skills, build our citadels, and add value to the world with our unique gifts.

Celebrate your wins.

Every. Day. No. Matter. What.


No matter what, there will always be more to do tomorrow so rest your body, feed your mind, inspire your soul and give thanks for your every breath before you go to bed each night.

By doing this daily practice, we “become unruggable”.

You got this.

WE got this.

One breath and one block at a time.

Wishing you peace, love and warm aloha from my heart to yours.

DJ Valerie B LOVE - The Vibe Goddess


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