“Because the World Needs More LOVE Hackers and Bitcoiners”


Aloha - I’m DJ Valerie โ‚ฟ LOVE - “The Vibe Goddess” 


๐ŸŒŽ Host~DJ Valerie โ‚ฟ LOVE Podcast

๐Ÿงก Bitcoin Cheerleader

๐ŸŽง Inspirational DJ

๐Ÿ”ฅ LOVE Hacker

๐Ÿ’– Supa Mama


VILLAIN: Spiritual Dehydration and Financial Poverty


MISSION: Ignite and unite 11 Million LOVE Hackers to end poverty by growing LOVE and leveraging Bitcoin. 


I believe we can create a more peaceful,

prosperous planet for ALL by fusing the magic

of music and the power of Bitcoin.


Join me! 




Make LOVE & Prosperity Viral. 




I wasn’t born a LOVE Hacker.


For decades, I was a badass DJ, wifey, mama, biz babe, and soul seeker, but after a series of shame-filled, soul-crushing, near-death events, I experienced a quantum leap on my lifelong quest for spiritual growth and service.


As an Incurably Curious Possibilitarian and with generous help and love from my friends, family, God, angels, teachers, mentors and investing wayyyyyy over 6-figures, I slowly remodeled my humbled and shattered life from the inside out and am now more POWERFUL, PROSPEROUS, and JOYFUL than ever.


I hope by sharing my mistakes and lessons I can help make your life just a bit easier and way more happy!




Ram Dass - being here now

Prince - rock on with ya bad self

Maharajii - pure love now

Tony Robbins - unleash my inner badass

John Lennon - imagine all the people living in harmony

Bob Marley - get up stand up

Oprah - I can do anything 

Lucy Wallace - Dance To Be Free

Quan Yin - compassion sweetie

Guru Nanak - we are one 

Archangel Michael - I am safe and protected

Archangel Gabriel - creative genius in all 

Grateful Dead - free flowing psychedelic togetherness

Burningman - extreme self-expression and self-responsibility

Bitcoin - decentralized, anti-fragile, immutable, fair programmable monetary policy for ALL

Music - is the medicine

Einstein and Tesla - think in terms of energy and vibration

Mother Earth - our one and ONLY HOME SWEET HOME 

My Children - OMG - humility, patience, selflessness, unconditional LOVE

My Friends and Family - the fine art of having each other's backs

Gandhi - power to the peaceful

Martin Luther King Jr. - non-violent activism is better

Brene Brown - vulnerability is power over shame gremlins

Louise Hay - you CAN heal your life

Wayne Dyer - yes you can

Margo Anand - my sassy sexuality is a superpower

Dr. Joe Dispenza - I can reprogram my life

Iboga - forgiveness and oneness HEAL trauma and addiction

LSD - the veil of illusion is lifted to reveal infinity and beyond

Ecstasy - LOVE self - LOVE All - empathy baby

Mushrooms - freedom from guilt and shame via giggles and creativity

DMT - interconnected mission to LOVE and heal OUR planet

Alcohol = POISON to my body, mind, soul, family, and creativity

Marijuana - Beavis and Butthead are real

Julia Cameron - the world needs my creativity to flow

SARK - let my sparkle SHINE

Napoleon Hill - mastermind with EPIC people

Gary Vaynerchuck - quit whining and make shit happen

Victor Frankl - mindset sets you free

Melody Beattie - stop people pleasing - I am ENOUGH

Hawaii - spirit of aloha lives within

Ho'oponopono - forgiveness rocks

Meditation - peace within

Chanting - vibrational healing

Singing - shout my soul song

Dancing - exponential elevation - together

Money - equals more choices - more is better - being broke feels powerless

Laughter - tension release baby

Sacred Intentional Orgasms - manifest my dreams - creative life force

Win-Win - best mindset and strategy of all

Beauty - environment and home matter

Art - unlimited possibilities in all dimensions

Eddie Murphy - I got some ice cream

Divorce - I could have done more to prevent it

Marriage - LOVE it (with the right Mr. Bitcoin Burrito-Man)

Dr. Seuss - Oh the places I'll go

Aretha - RESPECT

Angel Puppy - play first - snuggle next - then snacks

Mama Ocean - free flow fierce life force - liquid LOVE

Inner Peace - #1

Tech - with great power comes great responsibility

Tim Leary - stay TRUE to your ideals 

Travel - embodied perspective shifts

Mother Theresa - care for those who no one cares about

Amma - hugs make the world go round

Ministers De La Funk and Jocelyn Brown - find a way to BELIEVE

Lady Gaga - I was born this way - celebrate that baby!

Madonna - strike a pose as my badgirl self

DJ Valerie B LOVE - the Vibe Goddess identity - LOVE always wins

John Perkins - things are not always as they appear

Buckminster Fuller - form matters

Dr. Saifadean Ammous - how money works

Alex Gladstein - fight for human rights via Bitcoin

Stevie Wonder - just as hate knows love's the cure - I'll be loving you always




In my past life I also:


  • Creator -Dance YOUR Dreams - “The Global Dance Project for Sustainable Peace”

  • Globetrotting DJ with Valerie and the Vibe Tribe: Egypt, Malaysia, Burning Man, Miami, Microsoft, Salt Lake City Olympics, Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Mexico City, Toronto

  • Co-Founder: 2 EPIC children ;-)

  • Co-Founder: Multi-million dollar real estate lending company - Aloha Capital 

  • Terrible Accountant at Deloitte and Touche, Detroit and Payrolling.com 

  • Founder: Non-profit GETM-Global Education Through Music-after school personal empowerment programs for for kids

  • Captain Val: United States Coast Guard Charter Boat Captain and sailing instructor

  • Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher

“Music is the Medicine and the DJ is the Doctor” - DJVBL