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11x LOVE Warrior 

The powers that be want you numb, dumb, sick, scared, broke, hungry,

angry, lonely, horny, tired, distracted, divided & confused.

F^CK That.

Wouldn't you rather...


Live a meaningful & useful life in a safe, happy, and majestic world. 

Of course you would!

We have a global crisis where billions of souls suffer every day from unnecessary

spiritual dehydration, human disconnection, and financial poverty.

As a result, nature is collapsing, systems are corrupt, and violence is rampant.


We live in a supremely abundant world yet billions of humans suffer in silence and feel meaningless, frazzled, ashamed, broke, broken, disconnected, frustrated, lost, alone, not good enough, depressed, fearful, anxious, hurt, unwanted, uncertain, confused, powerless, angry, out of control, stuck, scattered, unseen, suicidal, unappreciated, unworthy, & unloved.


  • Teach 11 million changemakers how to create and DO a holistic, consistent daily inner peace & power practice so they can become unruggable in all 11 areas of life and rock their missions.


  • DIPP- "Daily Inner Power Practice"

  • 11x LOVE Code is a personalized treasure map for those who desire consistent health, harmony and prosperity in all areas of life.

  • Earn Your "ME.h.D" - Deeply Know Yourself 

  • 5 V’s - Vibe. Vision. Value. Villain. Victory.

  • 11:11 Presence Practice 24x/day

  • Peer 2 Peer Accountability Support & Celebration



  1. CONFUSION - Misunderstanding about the real financial system & holistic prosperity.

  2. LIES - Disempowering mental programming from society, business, governments & religion.

  3. APATHY - A feeling that we and what we do doesn't matter so why bother.

  4. DISCONNECTION - Sense of not belonging & lack of consistent mission-driven community experiences.

  5. DRIFTING - Lack of consistent daily power practices that yield exponential results.


  1. CONNECT: To be the world's funnest, most impactful "11x LOVE Warrior Club" by bringing together at least 1 million souls a year to rock their actual superpowers, achieve their unique Divine Mission, and live truly prosperous lives.

  2. EMPOWER: To teach at least 1 million new souls a year how to design a unique, holistic DIPP - Daily Inner Power Practice based on their own 11x LOVE Warrior Code so they can achieve consistent work/life harmony, meaning, and epic fulfillment.

  3. GROW: Develop 1 million future 11x LOVE Warriors who teach others how to "Be the LOVE" so they can create exponential social, environmental, and economic impact with measurable results.

  4. GIVE: To help 11x LOVE Warriors design meaningful lives that overflow with so much LOVE and abundance that we all happily donate 11% of our prosperity to charity with a goal of at least $1 billion per year.


4-LEGG Promises

  1. LOVE - To promote peace and harmony by helping people "Be the LOVE" every day.

  2. EARN - To share the exponential social impact of earning money & Bitcoin for good.

  3. GIVE - To accelerate the betterment of humanity by encouraging individuals and businesses to donate 11% of their prosperity to charity.

  4. GLOW - To ignite the celebration of our sacred lives each and every day.



  • We believe business, activism, & art are spiritual adventures that multiply prosperity & LOVE.

  • We believe all humans deserve LOVE, especially those suffering in silence.

  • We believe the world is way better when all life co-thrives in groovy harmony.

  • We believe it's 111% possible to co-create a peaceful and prosperous world for all.

  • We believe sharing is caring and daring.

  • We believe everyone has a unique mission in this life and it's our duty to rock it.

  • We believe conscious business and art are the most powerful vehicles to change the world.

  • We believe everyone is born with unique superpowers yet many fail to use them. 

  • We believe it's our Divine Duty to thrive and prosper in all areas of life



  • "Start With LOVE"

  • "Invest in LOVE Daily"

  • "Maximize the ROI of LOVE"

  • "Give 11% of Our Prosperity To Charity"

  • "LEGG: LOVE More. Earn More. Give More. Glow More."

  • "Make Progress FUN"

  • "Proximity Is Prosperity"

  • "DIPP - Daily Inner Power Practice"

  • "Demonstrate Proof of Work"

  • "Are True To Our Hearts"

  • "Raise Your Vibe - Rock Your Dreams"

  • "Control Stress to Rock Success"

  • "Have FUN - Get the Right Sh!t Done"

  • "Go Further, Faster, Funner Together"

  • "Battle the Frazzle"

  • "Be the LOVE"

  • "Leverage LOVE to Grow Prosperity"

  • "Have Each Other's Backs"

  • "Seek 1st To Understand Then To Be Understood"

  • "Are Always Growing"

  • "Multiply LOVE and Prosperity For All"

  • "Practice PEACE, LOVE and Prosperity Daily"

  • "Make PEACE, LOVE & Prosperity Contagious"

  • "Leave a Trace of LOVE, Light, and Grace"



We Are a Global Community of:

  • 11x LOVE Warriors

  • Playful Possibilitarians

  • Badass Bitcoiners

  • Nature Ninjas

  • Sacred Ceremonialists

  • Radiant Rebels

  • Wealth Captains

  • Consciousness Gardeners

  • Harmony Professors

  • Magic Money Magnets

  • Sassy Psychonauts

  • Joy Optimizers

  • Dream Jockeys

  • Invincible Souls

  • Fierce Philanthropists

  • Collaborative Creators

  • Hi-Vibe Visionaries

  • Funky Fashionistas

  • Lifelong Learners

  • Spiritual Explorers

  • Peace Practitioners



  • Incurable Curiosity

  • Insatiable Hunger for Harmony

  • Passion for Peace

  • Focus on the Future

  • An Obsession for Good

  • Relentless Optimism

  • Unconditional Compassion

  • Addiction to Growth



  • Stand for Your Big Dreams

  • Take Your Success Seriously

  • Support Hyperbitcoinization

  • Treat You Like Family

  • Use Music as Medicine

  • Demonstrate Proof of Work

  • Work Hard and Play Harder



  • Self-Righteousness and Judgment

  • Sloppy Half-Assery and Excuses

  • Blaming, Shaming, and Complaining

  • Victim Vibes

  • Dishonesty and Dickishness



  • Truth 

  • Diversity

  • Collaboration

  • Accountability

  • Success

  • Freedom

  • Beauty

  • Nature

  • Progress

  • Self-Sovereignty

  • Divinity

  • Playfulness



  • Hate to LOVE

  • Violence to Peace

  • Poverty to Prosperity

  • Pain to Joy

  • Fear to Faith

  • Doubt to Hope

  • Dis-ease to Health

  • Shame to Compassion

  • Limitations to Possibilities

  • Separation to Unity

  • Frazzle to Dazzle

  • Slavery to Freedom

Let's Rock This TOGETHER.


Early Adopters can sign up here for notifications on upcoming events and offerings. 

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