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Unstoppable Warrior Mindset for Changemakers in 11-Minutes a Day

“It’s so easy you can do this practice on one hand”

Mission-driven changemakers face the unique challenge of juggling making the world a better place while prioritizing health, relationships, and finances. 

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Your Headline [Decision Block]

Would your life be 11x better if you could:

Feel More Unstoppable Daily

Feel More Mojo & Flow Daily

Feel More Confidence Daily

Feel More Power & Purpose Daily

Feel More Authentic Daily

Feel More Prosperous Daily

Feel More Energy Daily

Feel More Sensual Daily

Feel More Belonging Daily

Feel More Love & Harmony Daily

Feel More Inner Peace Daily

Feel More Effective Daily

Changemakers are at higher risk of burnout and need holistic, consistent support and accountability to thrive in all 11 areas of life and need to be efficient in how you do it.

[Pain block] Your headline

Do you suffer from “Juggle Struggle”? 

Are you a changemaker who struggles in silence trying to juggle all 11 areas of life, constantly feeling like you are stretched thin and that one or more parts of your life are slipping through the cracks? 

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time or energy for yourself because you are busy taking care of others and the world?

Have you gone through a recent major life event that has left you feeling drained, overwhelmed, uncertain, or scattered?

Your first step to creating an unstoppable warrior mindset and a harmonious work-life is to establish a simple, fast, and effective daily habit of connecting to and cultivating your inner peace + power + focus.

Here's what you'll learn

In this 5-step transformational masterclass, you will:


Discover and Define [SNAP! Start Now Align Purpose]

  • Your true mission + identity

  • Your true drivers - why you do what you do & don’t do


Be a Detective [SNAP! Start Now Assess Problem]

  • Assess and inventory 11 areas of life

  • Understand the connection of all 11area of life


Decide Your Power [SNAP! Start Now Activate Power]

  • Create and commit to a soul contract

  • Curate your support team


Design Your Destiny [SNAP! Start Now Awaken Possibilities]

  • 11x LOVE Code - a vision board on steroids

  • Dream Destiny Dashboard to measure your impact daily


Do or Do Not [SNAP! Start Now Achieve Progress ]

  • 5-V’s Daily Inner Power Practice

  • Be Better with a Buddy

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 [Block from a position of advantage or disadvantage]

Who is this program for:

Heart-centered, mission-driven changemakers, social-entrepreneurs, visionaries, executives and their teams, creatives, healers, leaders, Bitcoiners, & activists who desire consistent inner peace, power, and unstoppable mindset especially during tumultuous and uncertain times.

It’s for those of you who understand there is no such thing as a free lunch and that you must put proof-of-work in achieve consistent results.

It’s for those of you willing to invest 11-minutes a day in transforming your mindset so that your important missions can be accomplished in this world. 

This course is not for you if:

Anyone who is NOT on the mission to make the world a way better place with their unique gifts and talents.

Anyone who thinks there is a quick fix for upleveling your work-life and inner power.

Anyone who is not willing to complete all 5 steps and give honest feedback.

Anyone who has a perfectly balanced life (call me I’ll hire you)

Provide instances why this course is not suitable for someone.

It’s for open-minded, caring, generous people who wish to give and receive support on the journey of evolution and creating exponential impact at scale.

It’s for those who are willing to complete all 5 steps and give honest feedback.


What results will you achieve with the program

Understanding and mastering your life through a holistic lens driven by data - not airy fairy “secrets”.


Let go of thinking you have to do it all by yourself so you can get on to rocking your world-changing mission with your full power baby.


Feeling more focused every single day on the 3 most critical areas to ensure that all 11 areas of your life are aligned toward your ultimate destiny.


Understanding potential roadblocks and challenges “Villains” early on to allow proactive problem-solving.

Dried Oranges
Bowl of Fruits

Feeling of having more control and organization of your busy life.


Inner peace and well-being every day - not just when you are on vacation.


More connection to your mission as a spiritual path for meaning and impact.


Waking up with more motivation, inspiration, and energy to rock your big mission.


Kindred connections with impact-driven changemakers like yourself. 

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What are the features of the program

Weekly Live Q&A with DJ Valerie B LOVE - Your LOVE Life Mento

Private Mobile App (no scrolling distractions or ads)

Private Support and Accountability Group

Private Forum

Earn Bitcoin Rewards for working on your goals

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«Show your customers feedback about your work. This is a paragraph. Click here to add your own text or change existing text. It's just. This is a paragraph. Click to edit and add their review. Click here to add your own text or change existing text. It's just».

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Alexa Young

Project Manager

About [Block about the author]

Hello, my name is Valerie B Love, and I will be with you until the end of your studies

Sales Specialist (your niche)

Expert in [your topic]

Helped [number of clients achieve this result]

[Personal Achievement #1]

[Personal Achievement #2]

Studied with [So-and-so and Someone else] or trained with such-and-such a person

The turnover of the company was 1 million dollars for the past year

I promise that as a result of completing the program,

you will get a new scale of your business. A steadily growing company focused on leadership. Systematic and managed. The net profit growth forecast is 2 or 3 times, depending on the current scale.

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