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8th Wonder of the Wolrd

1111 Peace Park Project

“When we build it, we will thrive”

This was the relentless rallying call of the fearless freedom warriors.

The call dwindled to a faint whisper and near extinction as the automaton slaves and their Kraken masters violently rejected and fought the warriors' attempts at creating a free and fair world for all.

In 2069, after their warrior leader pulled a “Satoshi”, disappearing forever, the warriors went into a dark period as most communication channels had been compromised, energy sources had been monopolized by violent rulers, money was used as a tool for surveillance and behavior modification, and the food and water supply were contaminated by corporations and chemicals.

The band of warriors relied on the incorruptible time chain and sympathetic resonance for secret communication.

The methodology involved the simple fact that 24 times a day it is 11:11.

The freedom warriors knew in order to succeed in bringing freedom and flourishing to the human race and planet Earth, they would have to do it in a disguise so clever that the Kraken would be mistaken that it was the one in control.

113 years prior to the “Grand Surprise” of 2111, a beautiful man, Chris Deckker, had a vision for peace on Earth and synchronizing dance floors across the planet by playing a song called “Prayer for Peace” at the same time and so began the global phenomenon “Earth Dance”.

He knew that by creating a tapestry of cohesive intentions and united vibrations around Earth, the heart of humanity could be uplifted and healed.

The problem was that Earthdance was only once a year and this was not nearly enough to shift from violence and hate toward lasting peace and love on Earth.

The internet was not yet ubiquitous in 1998 when Earthdance began and communications were centralized and controlled by a few mega-corporations in bed with governments.

Over the coming seven decades, governments and big tech became even stranger bedfellows leading to a techno revolt by Bitcoiners who sought freedom of expression and exchanging value as they saw fit as sovereign individuals.

These Bitcoiners value freedom, consciousness expansion, sovereignty, responsibility, fairness, truth, love, and peace. Their mysterious messiah Satoshi Nakamoto inspired their relentless pursuit to co-create a world where all humans have an opportunity to thrive and be in charge of their destiny.

They knew a key to success was the massive decentralization of food, energy, communication, and money. But the Kraken was lurking at every turn aiming to snatch up every last morsel of freedom humans had.

Once the sovereign Bitcoiners realized their freedoms were being slowly vacuumed up with an atomic strength soul-sucking systematic brainwashing campaign, they leaped into action with what they knew best;


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

— Nikola Tesla

The power of the Bitcoin network lies in its decentralized nature, immutability and incorruptibility.

On 2/22/2022 a small but mighty group of Bitcoiners started doing group, virtual meditation on a regular basis at 11:11 every day and noticed a drastic magical change in their lives.

They were feeling happier, healthier, lighter, more powerful, more peaceful, and more content.

They couldn’t explain it but all of the dedicated practitioners experienced this phenomenon.

All of them.

A mystical creature who was called the Vibe Goddess was quietly using music, light, color, words and vibrations to heal herself and others, was the one who started this meditation practice but stayed hidden for fear of retaliation of the Kraken which had already attempted to destroy her in the past, and nearly succeeded.

Most who met her rejected her and thought she was an alien from another dimension.

She was.

Everyone is.

The dimension one is in when they are in their Mother’s womb is another dimension.

The dimension one is in when they hear a child’s laughter is another dimension.

The dimension one is in when they are making ecstatic love is another dimension.

The dimension one is in when they grieve a deep loss is another dimension.

The dimension after life is another dimension.

The dimension before life is another dimension.

These are just a few of many.

This alien Vibe Goddess struggled like a mermaid out of water on Earth but she always kept her original spark, her Divine Vibe, activated even in the most violent and darkest nights of the soul.

What got and kept her sane on Earth was her music and meditation practice at 11:11 every day.

Many times a day she tuned in with “God” , “the Great Mystery”, “Source”, “the Universe”, whatever one calls the great creative power of all, along her cosmic angels and guides and she chanted, prayed, danced, and wrote as she set alarms for 11:11, 1:11 and other :11 times.

She learned that thousands of people were doing this across the planet.

She was a Bitcoiner and her freedom loving spirit knew that if she could engage millions then billions of people across the world do this simple yet profound daily practice, the Kraken would be weak against the network effect of the vibration of love.

But which words? Which vibration?

Simply chanting into a state of love in the heart center by feeling the heart resonate with “Om” similar to cicadas and their calls, humans have their own baseline of sonic heart connections.

Again, there were naysayers who say this is pseudo-science but the proof is in the pudding.

People who started these 11:11 practices started noticing drastic shifts in their inner and outer lives for decades to come.

In 2069 the Kraken had developed a mind-control mechanism called the “Soul Sucker” to jam the signals of any humans that were “misbehaving”.

Including meditating.

The power of the meditators was a clear threat to the evil power of the Kraken.

The rulers and its tentacles of human slaves made it their aim to smash free will, and extinguish the divine sparks of all humans to consolidate even more grip over everyday Earthlings.

The directive of the Kraken to its tentacles was to unleash a “mind virus” through all communication channels with the end goal of causing a spiritual amnesia where humans forget who they are and why they are here on Earth.

Because these freedom meditators had developed such disciplined minds and hearts, they were able to sometimes resist the sheer force of the Kraken’s signal jammer.

But not always.

The Kraken knew precisely how to slowly debilitate the fighters and had far more resources to conduct coordinated and consistent attacks.

But there was something happening in the dark ages after the Vibe Goddess disappeared.

The freedom warriors started training to switch their frequencies so rapidly, to “SNAP” from one mind state to another, they were able to outsmart the Kraken temporarily for themselves, yet they had difficulty linking up with other warriors like they did so freely before at 11:11, 24 times a day.

The Kraken’s minions were embedded everywhere so it was difficult, nearly impossible for the fighters to communicate freely.

In 2077 the mind-controlling Kraken launched a global project to build and interconnect thousands of energy parks around the world so they could reign in even more energy to attempt to control the Bitcoin network with a sustained 51% attack.

The Bitcoin network requires energy to maintain its fortress of security and to create new a Bitcoin block approximately every 10 minutes.

When compared to the astronomical budgets and intense energy expenditures of the military industrial complex across all nations, it is a fraction of energy use in service of creating the most immutable, unhackable, permissionless, inclusive sound money ever known to mankind.

The limited supply cap of Bitcoin was also an incentive for the switch away from the fiat ponzi scheme of money printing which lead to hyperinflation, poverty, and great suffering for billions of helpless, enslaved people across hundreds of countries.

By 2069, Bitcoin had been adopted widely by billions of people around the world in an attempt to separate value transfers among peers from being censored by their own governments.

The Kraken believed if it could just get enough of the micro-nuclear power parks joined around the world, then it could destroy the Bitcoin network solidify its position as an undefeatable superpower.

So of course the anonymous freedom fighting Bitcoiners knew they needed to get jobs working on these projects in order to see what the Kraken was up to and to intervene if possible to sabotage the projects.

Decades go on as the energy park project expands and many of the freedom fighters start to gradually lose hope because of the immense internal energy it takes to keep signal switching to avoid the brainwashing of the Kraken.

Being in the Kraken sphere of doom proved fatal for some of the fighters who did not have a strong enough energy body to defend against the constant bombardment of hostile energy.

Yet those who started tuning in to the sounds of the mempool and tik tok next block”, started feeling something they heard about that their ancestors felt when they were tuning into 11:11.

With a faint spark of hope and possibility while living under the Kraken cloak of doom and bondage, the freedom warriors quietly sang to themselves the sounds of “tik tock next block” and “Om”, similar to the slave songs and songs of the civil rights movement.

This is the reason plantations banned slaves in the 1700’s from having drums because they were a tool for communication and rebel uprising.

They started feeling more energy and strength each day and had a deep validation that they were on the right path with “God” /“The Universe” and to stay the course and keep tuning in and connecting with the Bitcoin timechain.

The sympathetic resonance among practitioners grew exponentially as the warriors stayed the course of love and truth.

The Kraken energy parks grew each year and sprawled across the planet in hundreds and hundred of beautiful locations.

The brainwashed locals in each community were appreciative of having a place to bring their kids, enjoy nature, and to connect with each other. But there was always danger lurking in public places with the mind-control of the “Soul Sucker”.

When humans were in their homes, some of them devised their own Kraken signal jammers which protected them from the clutches of daily attacks by the Kraken.

But self-protection was more difficult to do when leaving the safer confines of their homes.

Humans became too afraid to gather in person for fear of their minds being stolen never to return to their sovereign baseline.

The food supplies were contaminated and maliciously engineered to weaken the ability of humans to revolt against the mighty Kraken.

The Kraken sought to destroy and control Mother Nature for its own benefit of poisoning and weakening the human psyche and body.

Even after the 2076 “Node War” where the Kraken successfully dismantled over 100 million Bitcoin nodes across the planet, countless more remained. The Kraken knew it could gain control over all the value and behavior in the world if it could succeed at garnering enough energy to sustain that 51% attack indefinitely.

The Kraken had launched “Operation Insanity Project” in 2077 at the same time they began building the energy parks and had accelerated their mass mind-control assault over everyday citizens.

The freedom fighters were forced to double, triple, even 11x down on their efforts to resist the Kraken mind-control which in turn gave them super-human powers like the yogis and monks of thousands of years past.

But they were in the dark and didn’t know how many of their fellow warriors there actually were because of the communication channels being compromised and how dangerous it was to speak freely with other humans.

So for the next 33 years, the warriors worked vigilently on their mind signal switching, SNAPPING, and they became so in tune with the Kraken frequencies and patterns as well as their own inner strength, they were able to gain traction and exponential leaps of power with their daily practice, even in the midst of the Kraken’s onslought of negative vibrations.

Their ultimate mission was to stay aligned with truth and love and to always remember who they are and why they are here on Earth.

They knew if they could achieve this mission and help others do the same, they had a chance at defeating the vile Kraken.

As all of the energy parks kept sprawling across the planet, everyday citizens started tuning into the mystical sounds of Om and the timechain but they were not consciously aware of it.

It was just happening in the background of their slave mind-patterns.

Those who visited the parks regularly started noticing shifts on their consciousness, feeling more hopeful and lighter but couldn’t explain why.

It was one thing to connect with each other over technology but when humans are gathering in person, something indescribable occurs that elevates their states of consciousness and inner power beyond measure.

When people see each other smile and giggle, their defenses drop.

When people hug and embrace, their nervous systems settle down.

When people high-five and nod their heads, their sense of connnection deepens.

When people move their bodies in rhythm, they solve problems more effectively.

When people sing the same songs in time, their hearts and souls resonate and elevate.

They begin to remember who they are and why they are here.

When more ordinary humans began to trust, allow, and receive this miracle transmission each day, something strange started to occur.

The Kraken became even more aggressive and frenetic in its attempts to control and poison the minds of humans across the globe.

The Kraken army of evil amplified its “Operation Insanity Project” by attempting to embed corrupt code, the mind virus, into the human minds and pit friend against friend and brother against brother.

Mothers were devastated seeing the children hurt each other with such violent disregard for truth, love, and family.

But not all was lost.

What happened on 11/11/2111 was the prophecy given by the Vibe Goddess before her unsolved disappearance.

She implored the freedom fighters over 8 decades prior to focus on building and fortifying their inner peace parks as temples of strength and salvation.

She had a vision that once the internal work was consistent, the external peace parks would soon follow for all humans to engage with and benefit from.

“When we build it, we will thrive” was the mantra of the warriors.

What her vision didn’t anticipate was that the Kraken would be the one unknowingly building the peace parks.

Everyday like clockwork, the freedom fighters were at their “jobs” building and maintaining the energy parks across the planet, they were singing, meditating, and signal switching when out of the blue a blinding light appeared at all of the energy parks accompanied by a sonic boom of such magnitude every living being froze in their tracks.

The Earth began to vibrate and shake gently everywhere.

The energy parks began to hum at a low frequency that it calmed a situation that would have otherwise been mass chaos for everyone in a 500 mile radius of each park.

What was happening underfoot was unprecedented and felt like the Earth beneath everyone’s feet was starting to gently move and vibrate like the waves of an ocean would under the hull of a boat.

It was gentle enough not to knock anyone down but strong enough that everyone looked at each other in sheer astonishment.

When the freedom warriors remembered their practice and stayed centered and tuned into tik tok next block and Om, they realized what had occurred.

It was 11:11am GMT on 11/11/2111

For 89 years the freedom warriors had been training for this exact moment.

The prophecy came true.

The hearts and souls of the Earth were united by the mycelium-like network effect of the frequency of love.

A tipping point had been reached and instead of escape velocity the humans had reached “escape vibration” from the evil Kraken’s grip.

One could hear shrieks of defeat of the Kraken by the heroes from all corners of the globe.

The heroes in this tale are all of the humans who tuned in to the frequency of love and peace in the face of terror, uncertainty, and fear.

The freedom warrior Bitcoiners knew deep in their heart code that love is the highest form of value and that the timechain was a masterpiece preserving human energy, possibility, and love and humans began to believe in themselves and each other once again.

The parks that were once used to generate energy to destroy the timechain were transformed by each community into majestic interconnected gathering places for all humans to celebrate peace, prosperity, diversity, love, and hope.

There were artistic peace bridges at every park inspired by Gaudi’s Parc Guell and they were enhanced because all who visit were encouraged to leave a trace with a magic mosaic tile representing their unique presence and contribution to the 8th Wonder of the World:

The 11:11 Peace Park Project.

There were areas at each park with biodynamic and regenerative gardens, art, music, performance, healing, holistic education, playgrounds, meditation temples, energy centers, and of course the holo-domes, slides & peace bridges.

When humans dance, laugh, sing, and play together they are less likely to fear each other or to hurt each other.

The holo-domes and holo-playgrounds projected people holographically from all over to each other's peace parks.

Giggles of children filled the airwaves as they slid down slides holographically next to another child from 3000 miles away.

Every year on 11/11 all over the world a monumental anniversary celebration is marked by thousands of stages at the peace parks performing Satoshi the Cyber Opera.

The celebrations are an homage to Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin and to Chris Deckker the founder of Earthdance, who were both the seeds of love and inspiration for all of the peace parks around Earth.

Mother Nature and all her creatures are now honored and revered for their gift of life and abundance to all, as humans prioritize living in harmony with her limitless beauty and generosity.

24 times a day around the world, on the :11 minute of every hour, humans from all walks of life joyfully do their part in tuning in to tik tok next block and Om and keeping the “escape vibration” at optimal levels in order to always keep the Kraken from reappearing and wreaking havoc and destruction on humans and their sacred hearts and planet Earth.

The 8th Wonder of the World has now become an impenetrable tapestry of hope and love around the beloved planet Earth.

And so the saga continues… tik tock next block.


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