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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. vs Eminem vs Sperm Consciousness

(I know the title is a little odd, trust me you’ll see, read on. ) Dearly Beloved Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. oh what a tremendous impact your short, sacred life has made on billions of spiritually dehydrated souls. Billions. Thank you.

This morning I was meditating and thinking of you and peace, and what does peace really mean and how can we experience it consistently. I was thinking of all the “power over” programming that has been aggressively shoved down our throats for tens of thousands of years. The sheer fear, lack, and stupidity of how supposedly civilized humans behave and how they desire to own, control, and manipulate other people via violence is equivalent to the unevolved knuckle-dragging caveman consciousness. Or is it even an evolutionary spiral lower down to the sperm vibration, the sperm consciousness, the sperm programming that causes men, yes mostly men, to practice this power-over, violent mindset and way of being and acting in the human form? The consciousness of the sperm is of true scarcity. Life or death scarcity. The sperm energy IS the quintessential consciousness, the “vibration” of life or death scarcity. The sperm lives its whole life with only one objective, one consciousness, one “program” which is to get inside that life-giving egg no matter what or it DIES. To survive and pass on its genetic code, a sperm must be stronger, faster, more powerful than the other nearly 500 billion sperm produced by the male human in his lifetime. It’s like Eminem -

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo Eminem - Lose Yourself [HD] To me this EPIC track by Eminem represents this DO or DIE vibe. But, it is actually an evolved version of the sperm do or die vibe. I’ll explain how in a bit….. It is my belief that the immature, competitive, power-over, dominating, controlling energy stems from this baseline survival energy and that it expresses itself in the form of violence when not nurtured by and pushed to evolve and merge with a higher life-affirming consciousness. The feminine consciousness. The feminine vibration is a receiver, nurturer, and expander of life. Alone, the masculine- “sperm consciousness” and the feminine “egg consciousness” are impotent. The masculine and feminine MUST have each other in order to not only survive but to co-thrive in delicious harmony and keep life moving right along. WE, the masculine and feminine, need to nurture, encourage, and celebrate each other’s differences and align our strengths so we can evolve to the next spiral of consciousness. Together. As I was pulling a card this morning during my playful prosperity practice (more on that in future posts), I asked the deck and my guides about the life mission I share with Mr. Bitcoin Burrito-Man. (who I am currently manifesting and magnetizing - more on that in future posts too) “HARMONY” “You are able to feel a loving, balanced connection with everything” Yeah but………. Being human is hard. Being a fulfilled human is realllllllly hard. As an ever-evolving humble human who deeply knows that balance is bullshit, I have adapted my mindset and my work to empower myself and others with tools to experience harmony in all areas of life in service of co-thriving as ONE infinitely interconnected, life-affirming planet. It makes my heart sing to see the Harmony card and that affirms this is my path and the one I share with my soulmate. As a natural-born skeptic, I never used to believe in “cards” and “guides” but I have been proven wrong and it’s changed my life forever. I’ll be doing an episode on that in the near future. I am a super macro thinker and view life through the lens of a dynamic, holistic Universal field that is ever-evolving and interconnected and interdependent. To me the supreme goal of a fulfilled life is to create and enjoy the dance of harmony among the infinity of the infinity of the infinity. Once I learned that I am the designer of my destiny based on how I choose to view the world and assign meaning to my experience in it, I became a happier woman. This doesn’t negate me from taking action to build my destiny. It doesn’t mean I am just going to sit here passively like the feminine “egg consciousness” and “attract” my happy life. Nope. It is the vision and the action that create change, growth, and peace. The second card I chose was from a different deck and I asked about what I need to see for myself today related to Dr. King and it was: “Making Peace With My Today Will Improve My Future” It speaks of the perils of holding yourself in a negative vibrational alignment if you focus on the injustices of your current situation and that it doesn’t allow for an improved situation. So I asked my little ol’ self how do harmony and making peace with today relate to Dr. King, Eminem, and sperm consciousness? My synthesis on this is that our lives depend on sperm energy to launch the dance of new life and that in order to truly co-thrive in harmony, we need to evolve our global consciousness to that of infinite abundance and leading from the power within. Eminem’s lyrics are the evolved version of sperm energy because he is calling on the power within to win the battle. Not clobbering opponents over the head with a wooden club. He is calling on his internal superpowers to do better NOW than ever before, to evolve into the FLOW state, the higher vibrational state of the NOW. You better lose yourself in the music The moment, you own it, you better never let it go I believe Dr. King’s mandate for non-violence is of course the evolved, life-affirming energy. So by focusing on creating and enjoying harmony for all the infinite parts and pieces of the human race and life on Earth, WE can create an opus, a masterpiece, a symphonic tapestry of LOVE, peace, and joy for all. An action step that I am taking today is to appreciate all the differences we have as humans and how they can mix together to create a song rather than noise. Just imagining it now is making me feel good with a higher vibe and smile. A second action step is to take ownership for my inner peace and view my situation with gratitude and curiosity for the nuggets of wisdom and growth rather than entertaining any judgement, lack, or disappointment. When I focus on self-joy and self-elevation, I feel zero desire to control my surroundings or the people around me. The third action step is to heighten my compassion and open my heart even further to the malnourished masculine sperm energy and remind all the magnificent men in my life how much I see and appreciate their inner strength and how powerful they are. What will your action step(s) be today to live a more peaceful and harmonious life? Please share with me;-) Don't forget to subscribe to the free LOVE Notes where I share what's making my life and the world better this week. Until next time my Beloved Love Tribe Peace, LOVE, and Warm Aloha DJ Valerie B LOVE - The Vibe Goddess💖


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