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Burning Fiat Man

Aloha Beautiful One,

In my work as a meditation teacher and DJ, I share treasures of actionable inspiration designed to help you raise your vibes, rock your dreams, and become unruggable. I hope they help you enjoy a more delicious, meaningful & fulfilled life.

Did someone say Burning Fiat Man?

“WTF is that”? you ask.

Yesterday marked another end to a week of Burningman on the playa in Nevada.

A yearly pilgrimage of rebels, truth-seekers, misfits, innovators, artists, and badasses who desire radical self-expression, freedom and practice self-responsibility.

Sound familiar?

Bitcoiners also share this ethos and now that Satoshi Nakamoto bestowed the gift of Bitcoin on humanity, we now have a tool to co-create a more free, inclusive and fair world with this pure form of money.

What is money?

What is fiat?

Why does it matter?

What Is Money?

Nik Bhatia’s book “Layered Money” and Saifadean Ammous’s book “The Bitcoin Standard” help explain what is sound money on a deeper level but here are main components:

  • Durability

  • Portability

  • Divisibility

  • Uniformity

  • Limited Supply

  • Acceptability

What Is Fiat?

Fiat means “by decree” so when Nixon took the United States off of a gold standard in 1971 and decided to just have money be “by decree” everything started falling apart.

Why Does It Matter?

What we are seeing now is a catastrophic aftermath of that decision and since the US dollar is not backed by anything other than “don’t worry - trust us- we’re good for it”, we are witnessing the inevitable collapse of the current fiat system of “something for nothing - debt spiral- money printer go brrrrrrrr” decisions by an elite unelected few.

The biggest problem with the current fiat system is that central bankers can decide to simply “print” more money to fund wars, special interests and operating expenses which dilutes every dollar in existence.

That means that if you hold dollars in your savings account, under your bed, or wherever, they automatically lose purchasing power.

During the pandemic, the Fed added 40% more dollars to the total money supply of dollars.

Guess what that did to those Benjamins under your bed?

You were just legally stolen from and didn’t even know it.

That is the fiat system.

That is F-d up.

Burning Fiat Man was a little celebration that a few very special Bitcoiners and I did this past weekend to mark the inevitable downfall of the current system and welcome in the new, proof of work based system called Bitcoin.

No central human authority controls Bitcoin.

You can’t just add some zeroes on a ledger and magically make more.

It requires energy and work to reveal a new Bitcoin every 10 minutes.

It is the world’s first truly pure and sound money.

It’s math.

Its supply is limited.

It is durable, uncensorable and decentralized.

It is digital and easily portable

It is uniform and predictable

It is divisible into smaller units called Satoshis

It is inclusive and anyone can opt in to accept it

Fiat has an unlimited and uncertain supply hence an inferior form of money.

Bitcoin fixes this.

It’s a long journey on this revolution to a fair and free new world.

I never really knew what money was, let alone sound money until I started studying Bitcoin.

I never knew how the current fiat system is so corrosive to the fabric of humanity and how it has excluded billions of people across the globe from opportunities afforded to only the few lucky ones.

I never knew.

But now I do and I am on a mission to learn more and more each day and share what I learn with you.

Our children deserve a better future and Bitcoin is one tool to give them that chance.

The goal of a safe, happy, and harmonious planet requires a multi-dimensional approach to solving the biggest problems and if we have a fair form of money as a foundation, we have a much higher probability to achieve that goal.

There is no quick fix or magic solution for a more peaceful and just planet.

  • It will require internal deprogramming and reprogramming from the old fiat mindset.

  • It will require open hearts, daily discipline, and collaboration.

  • It will require patience and compassion.

  • It will require each of us to do our part to become educated and empowered with the truth.

  • It will require us to share and teach others what we discover.

  • It will require each of us to NEVER GIVE UP.

I believe we can and are doing this.

Now is the time to rise up, do your own research, exercise your freedom of choice, and align with others who share your values and mission for humanity.

As the old saying goes “If not now when? If not you, who”?

The time is now and WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

No one is coming to rescue you.

Welcome to Burning Fiat Man.

Peace, LOVE, & Warm Aloha

DJ Valerie B LOVE - The Vibe Goddess 💖

Host - Bitcoin, Peace & Music Podcast

11x LOVE Project


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