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WTF is Wrong with Me?

I don’t want to write, speak, record, create, nada.


I LOVE to create and share yummy goodness with people.

What’s WRONG with me?

Nothing honey buns, you are healing and recovering from some heavy trauma.

But I want it to be over. I want to be HEALED and back in action.

Healing is a PROCESS and takes time, especially inside out healing.

Yeah, but everything is ok, I am safe in this moment.

I am OK so why does my body tremble and my heart pound and fill with terror?

You have PTSD sweetie. The car crash. The hospital. The fires. The abuse. Moving. Motherhood. The near-death. Covid. The loss. The divorce. The whole kit 'n' kaboodle.

Yeah but I am the badass Vibe Goddess. I am supposed to be able to handle it.

Yes, that is true and you are. Part of “handling it” is simply being easy on yourself and resting.

Yeah but I was given a second, third, fourth, etc chance at LIFE and I feel if I don’t DO something big and GIVE BACK to everyone else then I am wasting those chances and being a selfish jerk.

Sunshine, how can you GIVE from an EMPTY cup?


FILL that baby up.


WE are here.

WE got your back Val.


Thanks. I needed to hear that. I forget sometimes that I need to GIVE back to myself.

But I just feel so guilty that SO many people are suffering everyday and I feel like I am supposed to do MORE because I have been SO blessed.

Sugar, your ONLY job is to BE LOVE.

You can only do what you can do.

That’s it and that’s enough.

It’s NOT your job to save the world and fix everything.

You don’t have that power honey.

The ONLY power you have is to CHOOSE to BE LOVE NOW.

When you do that, you DO help others and you know it.

So my LOVE, get to it.


I will start by INHALING LOVE..2…3…4… hold…EXHALING PEACE..2…3….4….hold…

Ahhhhhh…….I already feel better and stronger. Yay!

Haha - see Val - you just created something and are sharing it.

Nothing is wrong with you.



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