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11x Immersive Sound Journey for Cleansing Negative Energy

11x Meditations - Cleansing Negative Energy

This is the first of many offerings from my heart to yours of an immersive sound journey I created for helping your soul let go of the old and to clear the way for the radiant new.

Releasing the energy of trauma from your past is one of the first steps in living the most honest expression of your heart and soul.

I am experimenting with different sonic textures and frequencies using my intuition as a guide for my voice in each moment so each journey will be completely unique.

  • Wear headphones or good stereo speakers for full effect.

  • Create a sacred space where you will have privacy so you can experience the full journey.

  • Get comfortable. Lay on your back. Close your eyes. You deserve this.




This is a work in progress and I truly appreciate your feedback on the experience and how you felt during as well as how you felt 48-72 hours after.

My heart hopes to offer powerful tools that support holistic prosperity in the 11x areas of life.

Thank you and please enjoy.


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