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NEVER Ever Give Up

Where do YOU draw your inner-badass strength from?

  • Is it consistent positive self-talk?

  • Is it looking in the mirror and telling yourself all the EPIC things that are TRUE about you?

  • Is it following heart-leaders and thought-leaders that you admire?

  • Is it listening to podcasts and interviews that shift your perspective?

  • Is it reading books and articles from those who have gone before you?

  • Is it taking courses to elevate and empower your body, mind, and soul?

  • Is it a daily practice of flow, meditation, singing, dancing, writing, creating, being, and moving?

  • Is it being in nature?

  • Is it attending retreats, conferences, and workshops from other badasses like you?

  • Is it surrounding yourself with exceptional humans who are also on a mission to make the world better than we found it?

  • Is it giving and receiving in a variety of communities and families of like-hearted people?

Is it ALL OF THE ABOVE? Of course it is. And much much more. The dance of badassery is an ever-evolving experience that as fellow humans we are gifted with sharing together. As an introvert and highly sensitive person, (yes DJs can be introverts) I sometimes get overwhelmed in large groups and used to self-medicate with red wine to attempt to feel comfortable and “fit in”. Well, that turned into a full-blown self-destructive dependency that nearly cost me my life and my beloved family and friends. I am BEYOND lucky and blessed to have made it through hell and am on a mission to share my experience, strength, and HOPE with YOU. We ALL go through F’d-up times that can bring us to our knees and SNAP! The problem is feeling ALONE and ASHAMED because we used to have our shit together and now we don’t. Social media, Hollywood, and mainstream media are multi-billion dollar industries that POISON our souls and minds and trick us into thinking that life is supposed to be a FAIRY TALE and that in order to live this FAIRY TALE we need to buy their crap so we can not be losers. Everyone looks PERFECT and that is the false story that is being programmed into our collective consciousness and we are all dying a slow and painful death of our hearts because we are told we are NOT GOOD ENOUGH, not ______enough, etc. As humans it’s imperative that we BELONG to a “tribe” for our basic survival. If we feel we don’t BELONG, we do all sorts of crazy shit to fix that otherwise we think we will suffer and die alone. Media empires and advertisers know this basic fact and viciously manipulate it to sell you stuff that you don’t really need and won’t actually make you feel better. What we are actually seeking is a way to fill our SOUL HOLE. We attempt to fill our SOUL HOLES with the “5-Deadly D’s”

  1. Diamonds -(money-shopping-gambling-workaholic)

  2. Drugs - (booze-drugs-substances)

  3. Digital - (social media - TV-gaming -status)

  4. Donuts - (food - eating disorders)

  5. Dicks - (sex-attention-body obsession)

All of these are fine and healthy……….in moderation. The problem is they become crutches for feeling better in a very confusing and stressful world and that can lead to abuse and addiction, even for the STRONGEST badasses. They provide short-term pleasure with dopamine doses and leave our frazzled minds and bodies craving more. In my 5+ decades of life, what I discovered as absolute truth is that we are ALL seeking a safe, stable, consistent, and loving connection with the DIVINE. Your version and my version of the DIVINE may be colored differently because of cultural differences and religious upbringing. But the DIVINE is the DIVINE is the DIVINE no matter what you call it. Just call it. And listen to the call of your SOUL. You are NOT ALONE. We all need to “Remember to Remember” To Remember Who You Truly Are and Why You Are Here. I believe we are here to LOVE and BE LOVE. All of the amazing things in life like: Money Mindset Technology Music Art Healing Nature Community Meditation Movement Sex Are simply tools to help you achieve this MISSION to LOVE and BE LOVE. They make it EASIER, more effective, and more fun. So my BELOVEDS, let’s ROCK this together and remember to remember to: NEVER GIVE UP. WE GOT THIS! Whoohoo! Enjoy this moment……. Inhale LOVE…………. Exhale PEACE……….. Spread YOUR Sparkle everywhere you go! My wish for you in this moment is a LOVING HUG to your heart. May it fill you with peace and overflow into your one and only sacred life. Bug Hugs and Warm Aloha- DJ Valerie B Love - The Vibe Goddess


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