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WTF is Wrong with Humans?

“People are people so why should it be - you and I should get along so awfully?” - Depeche Mode

Because most people are numb, dumb, sick, scared, and broke.

By design.

You see the powers that be want you this way.

What do people in power crave above all?

More power.

It’s a bottomless black hole that can NEVER BE FILLED yet some humans keep trying to amass more and more power and control OVER others.

But Val, Why?

3 reasons:

  • Because they have no internal control over their minds and feelings

  • They are terrified of uncertainty

  • They are programmed for centuries to think that having power OVER others and their surroundings is real power.

But the truth is, REAL POWER comes from within and can NEVER be taken from you.


Are you sure Val, it seems like I keep giving my power away to make everyone around me happy, to fit in, and to not make too many waves?

YES. I am sure sweetie.

We ALL are born with REAL POWER.

However, many of us are afraid of OWNING our power and taking 111% responsibility for our joy and prosperity, so we allow our POWER to be CONCEALED.

As a recovering people-pleaser, I was there and still struggle sometimes with this factoid.

It may appear as though we are giving our power away, but it is simply CONCEALED.

You see the fact that YOU ARE HERE means you have a DUTY to thrive and be alive.

Of the TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of little sperms that DID NOT reach the egg - there was ONE that did and that lucky lotto winner made YOU baby!

Think about it.

Throughout ALL space and time from the dawn of creation, there is ONLY 1 sperm and 1 egg that could create the ONE and ONLY Divine YOU!

Your only job is to BE YOU!

But Val, how does all this relate to power and people not getting along?

Thank you for asking.



It is to REVEAL what we CONCEAL in order to please others, fit in, and keep the “peace”.

Our power is ALWAYS within us.

We have been maliciously and systematically programmed for thousands of years to succumb to other people’s way of thinking, fearing, and being and NOT to question authority or disturb the peace for a primal survival fear of being exiled from the “tribe’.

We have been programmed via business, media, governments, and religions:

  • how to behave

  • what we should desire

  • what is success

  • what is “God”

  • how to look

  • what to think

  • what NOT to think

  • what to fear

  • how to cope

  • what is bad

  • what is good

  • what is wrong

  • what is right

  • who to love

  • who to hate

  • who has value

  • who has no value

Well……..Fuck that.

I am here on Earth to wake the F-up, live authentically, and love unconditionally.

Sounds pretty simple yet riddled with second guessing, fear, and doubt.

In the Bitcoin Community we hear the phrase:

FUD - Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

These are three demons that are used to change people’s thoughts and influence their behavior that is not in their own best interest.

It’s used everywhere, not just against the Bitcoin Community.

Political strategists use FUD.

Marketers use FUD.

Religions use FUD.

Media uses FUD.

Gee Val, that sounds lame. I am exhausted and don’t have time or energy for this.

That’s EXACTLY the intended result.

Humans only have so much mental energy each day and we battle decision fatigue and make poor choices because we are stressed, afraid, confused, exhausted, and overwhelmed. (that’s why they put candy at the checkout lane)

In marketing and sales, they say a confused mind doesn’t buy.

The same principle applies in everyday life.

The confused mind doesn’t decide.

Who cares Val, I have my remote, a glass of wine and Netflix- leave me alone.

You care. I know you do.

So do I.

So do billions of other people.

But collectively we have allowed ourselves to be SLOWLY conditioned to reach for whatever gives us short-term relief from discomfort of being human (drugs, sex, booze, tv, social media, games, gambling, food, money, etc).

We don’t DECIDE to do the work necessary to cultivate and REVEAL our true power.

We are afraid of it.

We don’t DECIDE to live our values to the fullest.

And by not deciding, we conceal our power and allow OTHERS to DECIDE for us.

Others who DO NOT have your best interest at heart.

We have allowed entire industries to persuade power-hungry politicians to allow laws that HARM you.

Alcohol is a poison that harms your brain in any amount.

Yet it is socially accepted and we are NUMB with the effects of drinking.

According to the World Health Organization over 3 million people DIE every year because of alcohol related accidents and disease.

That’s crazy yet the industries that profit from this lobby to keep their poison widely available.


It’s not just the money.

It’s mind control.

Your mind.

Their control.

I think of the Red Hot Chili Peppers…

“Give It Away Give It Away Give It Away Now”

We are slowly giving away our rights and freedoms because we are EXHAUSTED.

We are allowing the mainstream media to destroy democracy.

We are allowing mainstream media and the advertisers to radically divide our country and OUR PLANET.

Another marketing tactic that is being used is to “create an enemy”.


It works every time.

The game is you decide if you are on the US or THEM side.

Of course “US” are the good guys and “THEM” are the bad guys.

It’s used in religion, politics, business, media, etc.

It is a simple control tactic because it feeds off the survival instinct to be a part of a “tribe”.

But here’s the rub……

There is ONLY 1 Tribe.

It is the EARTH TRIBE.

If evil aliens attacked “US” - we would all join forces as the “HUMAN RACE - the EARTH TRIBE” and fight together.

So NOW our job is to join together and fight the common enemy:




The world is in a crisis with no end in sight.

On this path, it is NOT getting better my friends.

And NO ONE is coming to save us.

WE MUST CULTIVATE and REVEAL our TRUE POWER and join together to:

  1. Heal our bodies, minds, and souls

  2. Heal climate change

  3. Heal generational and cultural trauma

  4. Create a fair financial future for ALL

  5. Have FUN while doing all of the above

I am calling on each one of YOU to step forward into your birthright which is POWER.

Power to love

Power to lead

Power to forgive

Power to heal

Power to grow

Power to take action

Power to use your voice for good

Power to be responsible for your joy

Power to open your heart to compassion

Power to BE Divinely POWERFUL.

You do not have to default to what mainstream media, religion, business, nor politics say is true.

DYOR - Do Your Own Research.

Look within.

Use your own DIRECT EXPERIENCE to DECIDE what gives you JOY and PEACE.

Is what you read in the headlines actually true?


Are you ACTUALLY too big, small, wide, too much, not enough?

Or is that brainwashing media trying to sell you something?

Look in your HEART and SOUL - YOU decide.

Not those fuckers.

You are BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT just the way you are baby!

Listen to “Wednesday Night” by Dubtribe - It will change your life.

So, to wrap up here, you never gave away any of your power, it’s just been neglected and concealed.

Your job is to CULTIVATE and REVEAL it and heal your heart.

The world needs the one and only OG YOU!

Let’s go because the clock is ticking.

I call on YOU to do ONE SIMPLE THING NOW that brings you POWERFUL JOY in this moment.

If it feels good, do it again.

That’s it.

That’s your REAL POWER in action.

Now get to it and let me know how it goes.

Peace, Love, and Warm Aloha,

DJ Valerie B LOVE - The Vibe Goddess 💜


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