WTF Is Wrong With Humans?

“People are people so why should it be - you and I should get along so awfully?” - Depeche Mode

Because most people are numb, dumb, sick, scared, and broke.

By design.

You see the powers that be want you this way.

What do people in power crave above all?

More power.

It’s a bottomless black hole that can NEVER BE FILLED yet some humans keep trying to amass more and more power and control OVER others.

But Val, Why?

3 reasons:

  1. Because they have no internal control over their minds and feelings

  2. They are terrified of uncertainty

  3. They are programmed for centuries to think that having power OVER others and their surroundings is real power.

But the truth is, REAL POWER comes from within and can NEVER be taken from you.


Are you sure Val, it seems like I keep giving my power away to make everyone around me happy, to fit in, and to not make too many waves?

YES. I am sure sweetie.

We ALL are born with REAL POWER.

However, many of us are afraid of OWNING our power and taking 111% responsibility for our joy and prosperity, so we allow our POWER to be CONCEALED.

As a recovering people-pleaser, I was there and still struggle sometimes with this factoid.

It may appear as though we are giving our power away, but it is simply CONCEALED.

You see the fact that YOU ARE HERE means you have a DUTY to thrive and be alive.

Of the TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of little sperms that DID NOT reach the egg - there was ONE that did and that lucky lotto winner made YOU baby!

Think about it.